4 de julho de 2011

Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état Pur (2011)

I will start this review saying that La Sale Famine De Valfunde is a great musician but sometimes it gets a little bit odd, that is not a negative fact actually, personally i like it very much, Famine has a very original way to compose music, and this is not the exception, if you liked other releases of the band, well think about an odder Peste Noire, a weird sound sometimes comes out from nowhere just like the two first tracks "Casse, Pêches, Freactures et Traditions" and "Cochon Carotte et Les Sœurs Crotte", in the first track we have the traditional Peste Noire sound, eerie, but never dissapointing, not too fuzzy or loud, not too well produced, i would say almost perfect.

Followed by the second track, with an intro that was "Industrial" maybe? computarized, not common to listen in this band, but it was good, fit with the whole song very well, and the it gets faster and weirder, this is one of the best tracks of the whole CD to me, it goes with the same riff, when comes out again the computarized sound with a male and female voices, no wait, it gets even more weird and fast, when you think you've listen enough it gets like industrial black metal, along with the good riff and the putrefact voice of Famine, and then in minute "6:00" sure you'll say "WTF?" but hey, it is good and catchy i must say, then i've say, yes, this is industrial black metal, good, unexpected, weird and very awesome, an evolution of this great artist.

And the we have the third track, with the same sample of industrial black metal, good and i would say depressing, the track is 20 minutes long, so i think you'll really enjoy this album as much as i did, it's really unpredictable and good, i don't speak french (i'm learning) so i don't know exactly what the lyrics are about, passed 4 minutes of the track, it gets more ambient and atmospheric with a cello, and more depressing, with the voice of Audrey Sylvain i guess, beautiful, and sad, this would be the second good track of the album.

And then we have the Fourth track "La Sale Famine Von Valfoutre" with a peaceful intro and then of course we have the traditional sound, Peste Noire in their very best, in minute 3:00 it gets more faster and good, very awesome riff, but i wouldn't say the best track of the album, just good, nothing actually new.

The last track of this awesome album is a very slow song "La Condi Hu", very fucking depressing, miserable, just like a damned poet would be, it just reminds you that life is pure and utter shit, i would say is the best Outro song i've ever heard, it's more rockish and it has a beautiful cello in it, worth it! is an awesome track, the best end to an perfect requiem...

Really, is a good purchase, i recommend it a lot, a masterpiece of black metal and one of the best releases of this awesome band!!!

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