22 de junho de 2011

Sieghetnar - Endlösung (2008)

For those who haven't listened to it yet (lintening to it now), i must say if you don't like long tracks don't bother in try to listen to this art, this is a demo, with an only track (29:38 min) it's what i like to call winter black metal (redundant, but well...) why? is like staring at a cold forest full of fucking white snow, without sun, without wind, just you and the preciuos nature and eternal loneliness, what else do you want? the track has barely any instrument, just almost all, keyboards, drums, and a sad guitar. The remastered version has vocals, this is one of those bands that make you proud of having a good taste in music, deserves all your attention, i must say it doesn't sound like Burzum, just in some parts i think, this just make me feel in a cold winter at night, staring at the stars, this is music to be listened while being alone, in a dark place, to be fully apreciated, you must forget about all human thought, because you've reached the new state of mind, the new step into the spiritual perfection, if you really apreciate this kind of music then you'll be pleased of the existence of this music and this great artist that make to all the thinking inhumans just good, i wouldn't say happy, just good, in peace with the expanding universe. Shit is cold in here..

Or search it on Ebay or Amazon, i don't care, just buy it and support art.

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